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Key English Portuguese (pt)
T - action_main_menu Menu
T - action_main_settings Settings
T - action_main_backup Manage dataBase
T - action_main_help Help
T - action_main_videoguide Video Guide
T - action_main_about Info
T - action_main_add Add
T - action_main_search Search
T - action_main_share Share
T - action_main_translate Translations
T - action_edit_save Save
T - action_edit_cancel Cancel
T - action_edit_remove Delete
T - action_edit Edit
T - msgDeleted Article Deleted
T - msgSaved Article Saved
T - DeleteTitle Deleting Article
T - msgAreYouSure Are you sure?
T - btnYes Yes
T - btnNo No
T - btnOk OK
T - btnCancel Cancel
T - btnBackup Backup
T - btnRestore Restore
T - msgBackup Backup/Restore with DropBox
T - msgLinkDropBox Link with DropBox
T - msgUnLinkDropBox Unlink from DropBox
T - msgBackupOk Successful Backing Up
T - msgBackupFailed Error: Failed Backing Up
T - msgRestoreOk Successful Restoring
T - msgRestoreFailed Error: Failed Restoring
T - msgRestoreDbNotExist Error: File not found
T - msgRestoreDialogTitle Restoring with DropBox
T - msgRestoreDialogMsg Are your sure?\n\nAll data will be overwritten!
T - msgDemoDialogButton Download
T - btnClose Close
T - btnDownloadFullVersion Paid version
T - infoVersion Version
T - msgBackupData Remember to backup your data
T - msgShareSubject Just found this application
T - msgShareText Just found this application, it might be useful to you too.\n\n
T - msgBuyIt Added to shopping list
T - msgFavorite Selected as favorite
T - msgCategoriesOrder Change categories order
T - msgArticlesOrderAndFilter Change articles order and filter
T - msgEmptyShoppingList Shopping list is empty
T - msgEmptyList List is empty
T - msgListReloaded List reloaded
T - txtLetsGoShopping Shopping List
T - msgRemoveArticle Remove article from shopping list
T - msgArticleRemoved Article removed
T - txtOrderFilterDialogTitle Articles order and filters
T - txtOrderBy Order by
T - optAlphabetical Alphabetical order
T - optFavorites Order by favorites
T - txtFilterArticles Filter by
T - optNoFilter No filter
T - optInShoppingList Added to shopping list
T - optNotInShoppingList Not added to shopping list
T - optSelectedFavorites Selected as favorites
T - optNotSelectedFavorites Not selected as favorites
T - txtArticleTitle Article description
T - txtCategoryTitle Category description
T - txtSelectCategoryTitle Select category
T - txtFavoriteTitle Favorites
T - txtToBuyTitle Shopping list
T - txtArticleEmpty Add article
T - txtCategoryEmpty Select category
T - msgErrorCategoryExists Category already exists
T - msgErrorArticleExists Article already exists
T - msgErrorArticle Insert article description
T - msgErrorCategory Insert category description
T - action_main_order Categories order
T - action_main_filter Articles filter
T - txtNoteTitle Notes
T - txtDeleteNotesTitle Deleting Notes
T - msgNotesDeleted Notes Deleted
T - msgNotesSaved Notes Saved
T - txtUnlockedVersionTitle Unlocked Version
T - txtLimitedVersionTitle Limited Version
T - msgLimitedVersion01 This is a limited version
T - msgLimitedVersion02 Get the key to unlock full features
T - msgLimitedVersion03 Full Version
T - msgLimitedVersion04 - Unlimited number of articles
T - msgLimitedVersion05 - Backup/Restore database
T - txtKeyInstalledTitle Ns Shopping is unlocked
T - msgKeyInstalled Unlock key correctly installed\nNow all features are available
T - msgArticlesAdded Articles added
T - msgArticlesRemaining Remaining
T - msgHome01 Thanks for purchase
T - msgHome02 This is just an unlock key for NS Shopping
T - msgHome03 Do not uninstall NS Shopping Unlock Key
T - msgHome04 This application must be installed to use\nfull features of NS Shopping
T - msgHome05 You can choose to remove the app icon of\nNS Shopping Unlock Key
T - msgHome06 (could require restart of the phone to take effect)
T - btnRemoveIcon Remove app icon
T - btnStartApp Start NS Shopping
T - msgNotInstalled NS Shopping is not installed
T - msgIconRemoved NS Shopping Unlock Key icon removed
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